Holidays with Slopie

With something longer
than shoes attached to one’s legs,
the first step is always the most difficult.
We skillfully turn the children’s attention
from this small nuisance
and show how much fun
they can have while skiing.
After all, children love to play
more than anything

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group courses for adults


Alpine skiing

Alpine skiing is a great way of spending free time, allowing great skiing satisfaction, regardless of skill level and experience.

The fresh mountain air and the raw beauty of the snow-capped peaks are inextricably linked with skiing and largely account for its attractiveness.
Sun, movement, contact with nature, adventure,
new friends – all this gives an opportunity to relax,
as is necessary in today’s world.

The feeling of omnipotence experienced during
a refreshing ride makes you not want to stop,
and most favorably not take the skis off.

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Super Sloper

Rookie, Private, Badass, Padavan, Super Sloper – that is the best way to know the mysteries of the snowboarding world,
developed by Piotr Skowronski – the trainer of our
National Team, and our expert.

NEWS! This season, we recommend
group courses for adults



If you are starting your adventure with snowboarding, you could not find
a better place – our professional instructors are waiting
for YOU with the necessary qualifications!

Snowboarding is easy to learn and safe,
provided that the secrets of this discipline
are revealed by someone who has a “craze”,
someone who can teach and who likes it.

Think you already know it all?
Bored of riding down the slope and looking for something more?
Our trainers will help you put your first steps in extreme edge
rides down the slope – even on a hard board.

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Training on poles and organization of competitions

If you think you ski well
– check out the competition with your friends
and colleagues. After all, the opportunity
to win with one’s boss does
not happen every day.

Skiing competitions are without
doubt one of the most exciting forms
of integration of both company employees
and children of school age, as well as various
professional groups. We organize competitions
for amateurs and professionals,
for children and adults.
All events take place on a specially prepared
and fenced route, approved by FIS.
We have complete facilities
(poles, time measurement, etc.).

Bored of riding down the slope
and ready to try something new?
Welcome to the classes on sports
pole skiing (giant
slalom, slalom).

Whether you are just starting out,
or want to improve the skills
you already have, we guarantee
you training with experienced
instructors – former contestants.

Contact us and we will match the offer to your needs


Are you dreaming of high jumps, fun and adventure on the slopes with hard tubes in the snowpark? The world of freestyle is waiting for you.

Freestyle is moving away from the traditional trails,
groomed slopes and queues to the lifts. It’s a way
to express ourselves, to create our own style.
With us you can feel the
adrenaline rush, and perform
various stunts while
maintaining adequate

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Cross-country skiing

Where to begin your adventure with cross-country skiing?
Compared with downhill skiing, the basics
of cross-country skiing are much easier to master.

The first steps on cross-country skis, or the basic classic step race, professionally referred to as diagonal, is almost identical to the natural way people walk. After a few days of practicing the classic run, it should no longer cause any trouble.


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Staff courses

If you are passionate about skiing, want to raise
your qualifications, skills and theoretical knowledge,
and want to teach others in the future, then there
is nothing easier – apply for staff courses at the SLOPE
Ski School. Our professional staff of trainers uses
specialized equipment to improve skiing technique
and sports (giant slalom and slalom), as well
as theoretical lectures and video analysis.

The Kotelnica Białczańska ski resort offers
excellent facilities to provide specialized
courses and trainings on a separate route.