• What should I do to participate in the Central Instructor Course?

    Those applying for the Central Instructor Course should login at and fill in the application form for their chosen CIC course. A submitted application will be reviewed by the SITN Office within a week. The person concerned should keep track of their application on the website (after logging in) and check its status. Regardless of the online application, you should send the required documents to the CIC electronically (except for the photo, which must be submitted by mail or in person), by mail or in person. The documents referred to are:

    Dokumenty, o których mowa to:

    • a copy of your school diploma or university diploma,
    • certificate of completion of the general part of the Sport Instructor course,
    • personally signed statement on your state of health, with the following content: “As a participant hereby I declare that, based on medical examination, there are no medical contraindications that may impede or prevent my participation in the Central Instructor Course
    • utrudnić lub uniemożliwić mój udział w Centralnym Kursie Instruktorskim”
    • your photo in paper version,
    • up-to-date contributions and a received PI card
    • tuition fee in accordance with the rates of the SITN-PZN.
  • How to sign up for a CIC makeup exam?

    Those who have not passed a Central Instructor Course and want to take part in the makeup should send their application to the SITN Office no later than one week before the CIC starts. The exam fee is PLN 100. The SITN Office will check for available exams, inform the person concerned of the date of the exam and send all the information to the course manager. Prior to the exam, the contributions should be settled up to date.

  • How to sign up for an event / course organized by SITN?

    Those applying for: theoretical course, unification, specialized courses, cross-country courses and central instructor courses should log on to our website.
    Step 1: Go to Step
    2: Enter the Login tab Step
    3: Enter your login and password Step
    4: Enter the calendar and choose the event you are interested in Step
    5: Select “apply” and fill out the form. The completed form will go to the SITN Office and will await modification.

    The person concerned should keep track the status of their application on the website (after logging in). The SITN Office will communicate the status of the application or any shortcomings to be amended.

  • What is the SITN contribution?

    All SITN members are reminded that the annual contribution is PLN 90, whereupon – for people below 20 years of age it is PLN 60, and for senior citizens it is PLN 45. Contributions should be paid continuously. Amounts of the remaining fees are in the SITN-PZN price list.

  • I would like to become a PZN instructor; I’m 18 years – what do I do?

    The way to get a degree of a PZN instructor is described in detail later herein. Short version below:
    STEP 1: For participation in the regional Competitions, see list further herein. Passing grade below 8 points (see STEP 2). Passing with at least 8 points allows participation in the Assistant Instructor course (see STEP 3) without approaching a qualification course.
    STEP 2: Participation in the qualification course.
    STEP 3: Participation in the Assistant Instructor course.
    STEP 4: Passing Regional Exam.
    STEP 5: Purchase of Assistant Instructor card at the SITN Office.
    STEP 6: Participation in the general course (theoretical)
    STEP 7: Participation in the Central Instructor Course – 2 parts.

  • I am a Physical Recreation Instructor; what do I do to become a PZN Instructor?

    People with a Recreation Instructor or Sports Instructor degree should take part in the Regional Exam. Passing it with positive credit allows purchasing an Assistant Instructor card at the SITN Office and signing up for the Central Instructor Course.

  • I would like to recertify as an instructor?

    Those who have completed the PZN Instructor course and are not in the SITN database may reactivate their status by sending a copy or scan of their card with its number to the SITN Office. On this basis, the SITN Office will be able to make an entry to the SITN Database; however, to get a new ID card, you must take part in a unification and pay the appropriate fees (payment of three years’ outstanding contributions, the cost of issuing a new card, the cost of unification). Those who have done the PZN instructor course, and do not have any document (ID) confirming this fact, should send all the information to the SITN Office, as necessary to find the course in the SITN archives (year of completion, organizer, location, staff and manager of the course). In case of a positive response from the SITN Office, the procedure such as above applies.

  • I have completed the PI and ER courses and would like to receive my Assistant Instructor card?

    The SITN-PZN Office sends to participants a letter in electronic or paper form, which contains all the information on the receipt of their PI card. The card may be picked up in advance (after completing ER) upon paying to the SITN-PZN account a contribution (PLN 60 or PLN 90) and the PI card fee (PLN 100) and sending one picture in electronic or paper version.

  • I am a Physical Recreation / Sports Instructor and have passed the Regional Exam and would like to receive the PI card

    Those interested should contact the SITN-PZN Office to provide their accurate address data and send a copy / scan of their Sports Instructor / IRR card. In addition, you must pay the contribution (PLN 90) and the card fee (PLN 100) and send your photo in electronic or paper form.

  • What is the bank account number of the SITN-PZN Association?

    The bank account number and all the data of the Association can be found on the first pages herein and on