Individual ski lessons

Individual approach, safety and professionalism

Thanks to the experience and individual approach of our instructors, learning becomes easy and pleasant regardless of your level.

Alpine skiing is a beautiful sport that allows you to spend your free time actively. Fresh air, snow, sun and mountains - those who have once enjoyed this winter fun will never want to stop!

Advantages of individual ski lessons:

  • Priority access to the lift

  • Personal instructor at your disposal

  • Individual approach

  • Fast progress

  • Safety

Artur Wysocki - Szkoła narciarska STOK

Artur Wysocki

Head of training - alpine skiing

A licensed level 2 skiing instructor, instructor lecturer of SITN PZN [Skiing Instructors and Coaches Association of the Polish Ski Federation), POL-SKI DEMO TEAM director and SITN member of the board. Under his supervision we were awarded the title of Best Polish Ski School at Polish Skiing Instructor Championships. At our school he trains other ski instructors, as well as ensures that their knowledge and skills comply with our standards.

Price list for individual ski lessons

Narty - zjazdy, nauka jazdy
  • Low season

    from the beginning of the season to 24/12/19
    and from 09/03/2020 until the end of the season

  • High season

    valid from 25/12/19
    to 08/03/2020.

number of people 1h training 10h training package  20h training package happy hours*
first person 85 zł/h 790 zł 1520 zł 79 zł/h
second person + 25 zł/h = 110 zł/h + 230 zł = 1020 zł/h + 460 zł = 1980 zł/h + 23 zł/h = 102 zł/h
third person + 20 zł/h = 130 zł/h + 180 zł = 1200 zł/h + 360 zł = 2340 zł/h +18 zł/h = 120 zł/h

* happy hours are valid from 8 to 9 a.m. and after 4 p.m. until the center closes.

** According to the STOK School Regulations, a training hour lasts about 55 minutes

number of people1h training
first person85 zł/h
second person+ 25 zł/h = 110 zł/h
third person+ 20 zł/h = 130 zł/h
number of people10h training package
first person790 zł
second person+ 230 zł = 1020 zł/h
third person+ 180 zł = 1200 zł/h
number of people 20h training package
first person1520 zł
second person+ 460 zł = 1980 zł/h
third person+ 360 zł = 2340 zł/h
number of peoplehappy hours*
first person79 zł/h
second person+ 23 zł/h = 102 zł/h
third person+18 zł/h = 120 zł/h