Individual lessons - cross-country skiing

Are you bored of alpine skiing and snowboarding? Try something new!

How to start your cross-country skiing adventure?

Compared to downhill skiing, the basics of cross-country skiing are much simpler
to master.
The first moves of cross-country skiing, i.e. the basic cross-country stride using the classic technique, professionally known as the diagonal stride, is almost the same as a person’s natural movement. After a few days of exercise, the classic technique should not cause anyone the slightest trouble.

Why cross-country skiing?

  • It puts the whole body to work
  • Has a positive impact on your figure
  • You don't need expensive equipment or a lift pass
  • It can be practiced everywhere - both in the mountains and in the lowlands
Marcin Węgrzyn - Szkoła narciarska STOK

Marcin Węgrzyn

Head of training - cross-country skiing

Marcin Węgrzyn

An undisputed cross-country skiing expert. A level 2 coach and instructor of SITN [Skiing Instructors and Coaches Association]. Former national cross-country skiing team member, World and Europe Championships participant, Polish national champion and Polish Instructor Championships winner. Takes care of the quality of cross-country skiing classes.

Price list for individual lessons for cross-country skiing

Biegówki- nauka jazdy
  • Low season

    from the beginning of the season to 24/12/2021
    and from 14/03/2022 until the end of the season

  • High season

    valid from 25/12/2021
    to 13/03/2022.

number of people 1h training 10h training package  20h training package happy hours*
first person 99 zł/h 950 zł 1800 zł 95 zł/h
second person + 31 zł/h = 130 zł/h + 280 zł = 1230 zł/h + 540 zł = 2340 zł/h + 28 zł/h = 123 zł/h
third person + 20 zł/h = 150 zł/h + 190 zł = 1420 zł/h + 360 zł = 2700 zł/h + 19 zł/h = 142 zł/h

* happy hours are valid from 8 to 9 a.m. and after 4 p.m. until the center closes.

** According to the STOK School Regulations, a training hour lasts about 55 minutes

number of people1h training
first person99 zł/h
second person+ 31 zł/h = 130 zł/h
third person+ 20 zł/h = 150 zł/h
number of people10h training package
first person950 zł
second person+ 280 zł = 1230 zł/h
third person+ 190 zł = 1420 zł/h
number of people 20h training package
first person1800 zł
second person+ 540 zł = 2340 zł/h
third person+ 360 zł = 2700 zł/h
number of peoplehappy hours*
first person95 zł/h
second person+ 28 zł/h = 123 zł/h
third person+ 19 zł/h = 142 zł/h