Regulations of the
STOK Ski School

Regulations of the STOK Ski School

(rules from STOK Ski School "Regulations")


Regulations of the STOK Ski School

(rules from STOK Ski School "Regulations")


1.          Regulations of the STOK Ski School

1.1.    During training lessons, STOK customers have priority use of ski lifts.              

1.2.    Lesson prices do not include fees for the use of ski lifts by training participants. A lift pass must be purchased at the ticket office of the Ski Resort or at the STOK Office before the lesson begins. A pass adapted to the duration of the lessons is available especially for STOK customers. In addition to generally available passes, STOK Office offers 1-hour, 3-day and 5-day passes tailored to the needs of children taking part in the "Ferie ze Stokusiem” (small children group) and "Super Stoker" courses..

1.3.    Information on the availability of instructors, bookings and payment for lessons is only possible through the STOK Office.

1.4.    STOK reserves the right to replace the instructor designated in the booking confirmation with another instructor.

1.5.    Training packages (e.g. 10h and 20h) must be paid in full in advance. The packages can be used throughout the entire 2019/2020 winter season - on the agreed dates of the training lessons. If the package includes high and low season dates, a mixed price will be taken into consideration.

1.6.    1.6. The promotional price of private lessons for an additional second or third person applies to the purchase of lessons by one customer. They all train simultaneously with the same instructor. Office staff or instructors may refuse to provide this service in a situation where there is a big difference in abilities between lesson participants.

1.7.    If the customer (participant of the training) is late for the training lesson for reasons for which STOK is not responsible, the lesson is not subject to extension.

1.8.    Training participants meet with the instructor at the marked places located opposite the entrance to the STOK offices.

1.9.    Before starting the lesson, the customer is obliged to provide the instructor with detailed and true information about their ski abilities, as well as any health and physical condition or other ailments that might be relevant to the training service and may affect the participant’s ability to train. Providing this information is intended to ensure the customer’s safety and the highest quality of services offered by the "Stok" Ski School.

1.10.  The training participant is obliged to report to the instructor any disturbing symptoms during the training lesson, in particular: dizziness, pain or contusions. The instructor will then decide if the training participant should participate further in the training lesson.

1.11.  The instructor may refuse to conduct lessons if the training participant is under the influence of alcohol (or other intoxicants).

1.12.  Training participants who wish the lessons to be conducted at the snow park are asked to sign an appropriate statement in the STOK office.

1.13.  The instructor may refuse to participate in the training lesson if the training participant does not have the appropriate equipment: a helmet (we remind you that children up to 16 years of age have a statutory obligation to use helmets), ski or snowboard equipment and a lift pass. In such a case, the School is not held responsible for preventing the participant from taking part in the training lesson due to reasons beyond its control.

1.14.  STOK does not provide equipment (skis, boots, snowboards, helmets, etc.) and is not responsible for the technical condition of the sports equipment used by the participants in training, in accordance with point 1.15.

1.15.  The instructor is obliged to check whether the equipment of the training participant is in proper condition. In the event of the equipment being defective point 1.13 applies. The instructor has no right to interfere in setting the force needed to release the ski bindings. In the case of incorrectly set bindings, improper skis or other equipment, the instructor will indicate the nearest ski service or rental company where it will be possible to adjust or replace the equipment.

1.16.  Except in cases provided for by law, children may participate in training lessons only with the consent of their legal representative (legal guardian) - in accordance with the principles set out in the Regulations.

1.17.  During training, instructors are entitled to give customers (participants of the training) - including children – instructions that must be followed, as well as commands and prohibitions necessary to ensure the proper conduct of lessons and safety of both training participants and other people present on the slope. The instructor may refuse to continue the lesson in the event of persistent failure by the participant of the training to follow given instructions.

1.18.  Criteria for assigning children to the "Ferie ze Stokusiem” (Holiday for younger children) groups:

•       beginners from 5 to 10 years old are admitted to the orange level;
•       children who are at least 6 years old and are able to turn and stop on their own or those who have passed the orange level are admitted to the brown level;
•       children who are at least 7 years old and are able to go down the blue routes on their own and have no problem using ski lifts or those who have passed the brown level are admitted to the silver level;
•       children who are at least 8 years old and have passed the silver level are admitted to the gold level;

1.19.  Criteria for assigning to "Super Stoker" groups:

•      children up to 8 years old who have not learned to snowboard are admitted to the newbie level;
•      children who are able to turn independently and have mastered a sliding turn or have passed the newbie level are admitted to the rookie level;
•      children who can move on the blue routes and have no problem with the use of ski lifts or have passed rookie level are admitted to the skilled level.

1.20.  STOK personnel decide about the assignment to the group.

1.21.  Training participants will be assigned to the group based on their skill level statement. The school reserves the right to refuse to continue the course or to transfer the customer to another group if it turns out that the customer's skills do not correspond to the level of the group to which they were assigned at the beginning of the course.

1.22.  The promotional price of group lessons for the second and each subsequent person applies to the purchase of two or more packages by one customer. These people can be assigned to different groups based on their skills or availability of places in the group.

1.23.  The school declares that during the course, instructors will exercise due diligence in training to ski or snowboard and provide knowledge about the proper behavior of the skier on the slope.

2.          Training lessons

2.1.    Training lessons are carried out as private lessons or group lessons.

2.2.    Group lesson - A training lesson implemented by at least one instructor:

a) in the case of a group lesson for persons from 18 years of age (lessons for adults) - for at least 2 such persons;

b) in the case of the group lesson for persons under 18 years of age (lessons for children) - for at least 4 such persons.

2.3.    Training hour - 1 training hour is 55 minutes. This means that 2 hours of training is 110 minutes, 3 hours of training are 165 minutes, etc. Training hours as part of the training lesson are carried out directly one after the other or on separate dates depending on the arrangements between the customer and STOK (e.g. in the case of a package of training hours).

3.          Payment

3.1.    Payment of the total price for a training lesson covered by the booking should be made in cash at least 30 minutes before the start of the lesson, and in the case of lessons starting between 8 and 9 a.m. on the day preceding that lesson by 6 p.m. at the latest. Payments should be made in STOK offices. Before confirming the booking, the customer is informed about the total price of the booking. The parties may agree on a different payment date during the booking.

3.2.    Information about the current prices of services offered by STOK, as well as the duration of the low season and high season are available at STOK offices and on the STOK website. The prices include VAT.

3.3.    The customer may submit a request for a VAT invoice within the period provided by law.

4.          Changing the date of a private lesson::

4.1.    The customer may request a change to the date of the private lesson at least 30 minutes before the start of the lesson, whereas in the case of lessons starting before 10 a.m., the request to change the date should be sent to STOK no later than 6 p.m. on the day preceding the date of the start of the lesson. Group lessons take place according to the agreed schedule. Changing the date of the training lesson from the low season to the high season may result in the customer being obliged to pay the price difference.

4.2.    In the event of unavailability of an instructor or due to weather conditions/conditions on the slope the training lesson cannot take place within the time or the place specified in the booking, STOK will offer the customer another date or place for the implementation of the training lesson.


The full content of the terms of the contract for booking the training lesson, including related with the terms of its entry into force, cancellation or complaint procedure, has been set out in the Regulations of the STOK Ski School in force from September 1, 2019, which are available from the employees of the STOK Office and on the website Before concluding the contract/booking a training lesson, the customer should read the regulations in full and comply with them.


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