Individual lessons – snowboarding

Individual approach, safety and professionalism

If you are just starting your adventure with snowboarding, you could not have chosen better – our qualified instructors are waiting just for you!

Snowboarding is easy to learn and safe, provided that the person who will teach you its secrets has a feel for it, likes it and knows how to teach. Do you feel there is nothing more for you to learn? Are you bored with only going down the slopes and are looking for more excitement? Our trainers will help you take the first steps of extreme downhill slopes on the edge - also on a stiff board.

Advantages of private snowboard lessons

  • Priority access to the lift
  • Personal instructor at your disposal
  • Fast progress
  • Safety
  • Individual approach
Wiktor Mikołajczyk - Szkoła narciarska STOK

Wiktor Mikołajczyk

Head of training - snowboarding

Wiktor Mikołajczyk

Polish National Snowboard Team coach, Polish Ski Federation instructor and judge, current Polish national snowcross champion. His task at our school is to train other snowboard instructors to ensure that they are always at the top of their game to conduct classes. He takes care of both theoretical knowledge and technical skills of our team.

Price list for individual snowboard lessons

Snowboard - zjazdy, nauka jazdy
  • Low season

    from the beginning of the season to 24/12/2023
    and from 11/03/2024 until the end of the season

  • High season

    valid from 25/12/2023
    to 10/03/2024.

number of people 1h training 10+ package  20+ package happy hours*
first person 144,99 zł/h 134,99 zł/h 129,99 zł 134,99 zł/h
second person + 30 zł/h = 174,99 zł/h + 28 zł = 162,99 zł/h + 27 zł = 156,99 zł/h + 28 zł/h = 162,99 zł/h
third person + 20 zł/h = 194,99 zł/h + 19 zł = 181,99 zł/h + 18 zł = 174,99 zł/h + 19 zł/h = 181,99 zł/h

* happy hours are valid from 8 to 9 a.m. and after 4 p.m. until the center closes.

According to the STOK School Regulations, a training hour lasts about 55 minutes. 
The 10+ package is valid for a single purchase from 10 to 19 training hours. The 20+ package is valid for a single purchase of at least 20 training hours.

number of people1h training
first person144,99 zł/h
second person+ 30 zł/h = 174,99 zł/h
third person+ 20 zł/h = 194,99 zł/h
number of people10+ package
first person134,99 zł/h
second person+ 28 zł = 162,99 zł/h
third person+ 19 zł = 181,99 zł/h
number of people 20+ package
first person129,99 zł
second person+ 27 zł = 156,99 zł/h
third person+ 18 zł = 174,99 zł/h
number of peoplehappy hours*
first person134,99 zł/h
second person+ 28 zł/h = 162,99 zł/h
third person+ 19 zł/h = 181,99 zł/h